All Natural Bison Tallow Products, Handmade in the USA

Unscented Bison Tallow Soap

Pure Bison Tallow Buff Bar Soap, Unscented, (2 pack) - Cleans, Moisturizing, Non-Habit Forming, Soothes, Hydration, Naturally Derived - No Dyes, Chemicals, Fragrances, Preservatives

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What Clients Say

I switched from my regular use brand after I discovered they had added a questionable ingredient. I LOVE this stuff. It lasts longer seemingly and the peppermint vanilla is perfection.

Megan Fox

I got the un scented and its incredible. There is no smell or taste which is exactly what I wanted. It goes on super smooth and is pretty much the perfect consistency.


I love tallow and was so happy to see this made into chapstick. Tallow is non habit forming chapstick and I loved all the different kinds. Went on very nice on my lips. Will definitely order again.

Taylor B.

Handcrafted from Bison Tallow

Big Crazy balms feature natural and renewable ingredients. Our goal is to use the fewest and best ingredients available.

Made in U.S.A. by hand in small batches

North American plains bison tallow is our primary product ingredient. Hand rendered and filtered in small batches.